New year Resolution Ideas 2022- Health Edition

1. Self love day!

Every day is a self love day but you can take out a day in a month just for yourself. Take an off from your work and Pamper yourself, get yourself something you wanted from so long. Its just you with you. Spend time with yourself.
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2.  Go vegan challenge

Quitting on "Tamsik Ahar"like chicken, meat, heavy, oily or stale food which are known to cause confusion in mind and decrease the ability to concentrate. 
Instead, choose on fresh and green food which is primarily plant derived.

3. Better vision challenge

We usually ignore how burden and stressed our eyes get due to high usage of digital and social platforms. With increasing lens power one can resolute to reduce or atleast stable the eye vision. 
Some Ayurvedic methods are-
Washing eye with tripahala water (saok triphala in water overnight, in morning remove triphala slurry and use water to wash eye)
Consuming mahatriphala ghrit
Go for akshi tarpan
Consumption of amla.

4. Fasting challenge

Be it Eat stop Eat, Time restricted fasting or 16:8 method. Indulging in fasting is such a genius habit, it gives you endless benefits. It starts by clearing up the "Aama" or indigested food in body, opening the blocked "strotas" or channels of the body. Giving you more skin glow, clearer mind , better energy and decision making powers.
One pro tip- 
If you are also interested in activating your spiritual life, try observing Ekadashi Fasting! Which is usually twice a month. It connects you to the supreme with the direct cord.

5. More moves challenge

Stop sitting! Get up. More moves refers to more workout it could be in any form.
Make a routine to go for a walk, try skipping challenge or join yoga classes, go for swimming classes, pilates training, zumba, dance classes, aerobics or any kind of physical training. The point is to move yourself. 

6. Calm mind Challenge

There is nothing more important than a calm mind. With the fast moving world we barely get through a calm mind. So new year is the best time to make such a resolution. 
You can do meditation challenge, forgiveness challenge or positive self talk, practicing morning affirmations and setting your subconscious mind into positivity and calmness.
Forgiveness and affirmations detail:

7. Gratitude Journal

Never forget to thank everything around you. Make a gratitude journal for every good thing. Everything you feel grateful for. Everything that makes you happy. Everything you love to experience a little more. It helps you get through the bad times, and mind feels extremely happy.

8. One fruit a day

Choose a seasonal and fresh fruit everyday. You can replace it with your unhealthy snack meal. To make a fruit interesting you can top it with almond butter, peanut butter, homemade granula, museli , chia seeds ,cranberries or even dark chocolate. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and supply your body with enough antioxidants.

9. More liquid challenge

Water, vegetable juices, coconut water, infused water with fenugreek, fennel, triphala or detox water including kiwi, mint, lemon, chia seeds or Ayurvedic kwatha must be incorporated in your diet. You can choose to have any one a day.

10. Natural skincare challenge

Ditching your chemical loaded beauty products and switching to natural ones can bring a youthful and radiant glow on your skin. 
Some natural cleansers- chickpea flour, wheat flour, oats flour, rice water cleansers or milk
Some natural scrubs are- rice flour, coffee powder, orange peel powder, oats or washed masoor daal
Some natural facepacks- Neem, tulsi, manjishtha, Mulethi, padmkeshar or multani mitti
Some natural moisturisers- aloevera, coconut oil, almond oil.

11. Quit alcohol / smoking challenge

Smoking and alcohols slowers your body and mind functioning. Causes ageing of cells which are silently killing us. It's the best decision you will ever make to quit these tamsik habits and switch over to a joyous, healthy life. 
Herbal smoking (dhoompana) is a good replacement for tobacco smoking.
Arishta/ Aarishta (fermented herbal drinks) is a good replacement for alcohol consumption.