7 Anti Acne Herbs

The appearance of stubborn acne and pimples is liked by none! 
Here is a list of some highly effective Ayurvedic herbs which can help you through.

1. Bavachi
 - psoralea coryfolia
2. Neem 
- Azadirachta indica
3. Nutmeg
 -Myristica fragrans
4. Tulsi
 - ocimum sanctum
5. Amba haldi
 - Curcuma longa
6. Rakt chandan 
- Pterocarpus santalinus
7. Green tea
• All of these herbs are scientifically proven to be anti inflammatory, detoxifying, cleaning, cooling ,hydrating effects on the skin

How to use?

They can be used in various forms both internally and externally. However, internal usage is strictly to be done under Ayurvedic doctor.

•For the external usage , Mukhalepa (facePack) can be made.  
Mix the powder of these herbs with rose water or plain water and apple a thin layer over effected area.

•Keep it for 15-20 min 

•Wash to wakeup with flawless clear skin.

What's more?

•A healthy mind, body and soul is essential in balancing any disturbed dosha within the body.

•Therefore, Stressfree lifestyle, clean-vegan diet, pure instincts and a positive mindset is the need.

Stay Beautiful! 


  1. Bavachi is something new. Thankyou for publishing.


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