15 career options in ayurveda

Ayurveda welcomes you numerous money making opportunities, or say, the sky is limit. With this trend, one can easily make decent figures by using creative and innovative strategies. 

Since, the awareness about herbs, lifestyle, diet and yoga has increased immensely during the recent years, A joyous world with lots of good time awaits! 
also,You must be very dear to god, if you're provided an opportunity to pursue bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery (B.A.M.S)

Career options in Ayurveda.

1.  Establishing Ayurvedic Cosmetics and skincare Brand

~ It is one of the most popular and successful career. 
KamaAyurveda, Mamaearth, BellaVita organics, biotique are  among most successful brands which are now making decent crores. 
~ Many skincare  and haircare recipes are still waiting to be manufactured and packed. Get some of them now! 

2.  Ayurvedic Dietitian and fitness consultant-

~ The interest of public in customised Ayurvedic diet plans and secret recipes is rising. 
~ Making diet plans based on prakruti of an individual can be easy yet high paying opportunity.

3.  Clinical Practice-

~ If you are good at clinical knowledge and have experience under good Ayurvedic physicians this is the basic profession to opt for.
~ people are keen to be treated with herbal yet effective medications. 
~ Ayurveda contains marvellous treatments especially for lifestyle disorders. If you are good with handling clinical situations you must go for it.

4.  AYUSH Medical Officer-

~ UPSC conducts AYUSH medical officer exams every year.
~ If you have completed your BAMS, and has a good theoretical knowledge, this option is for you. 
~ It is a good paying government job, why not grab it? 

5.  Social media Influencer for Ayurveda- 

~ Social platforms like Instagram, pinterest is a great way for sharing your knowledge by creating impressive content.
~ Ayurvedic Products Reviewing, sharing tips and hacks is a trending content to earn fame and money.

6.  Professor - 

~ If you have completed BAMS and MD(ayu) and teaching is your passion, this job is for you. 
~ Professors in reputed colleges are invited in international level conferences and meetings, isn't is a great way to earn fame and money together? 

7.   Panchkarma and yoga center-

~ If you are able to find a perfect location, opening up a meditation, yoga and Ayurvedic centre would be the best option.
~ you can offer facilities like panchkarma, detoxification, different styles of yoga and meditation.
All health enthusiasts will be excited to get that membership.

8.  Cultivation of Medicinal Herbs-

~ basic herbs like Aloevera, Giloy, Amla, Haridra, Moringa are in huge demand. 
~ Delivering high quality organic and pesticide free herbs would ensure you success in this field.

9.  Establishing Ayurvedic Pharmacy-

~ Read about GMP (good manufacturing practices) under Drug and cosmetics act. Refer to schedule (T) and (E), develop an understanding and opt for it.
~ with small investments you can yield really high profits.

10.  Preparing primary Ayurvedic formulations-

~ Basic formulations like Triphala churna, giloy swaras etc. without adulteration are often required by practioners or even in households.
~ Brands like kapiva is making good profit by producing Ayurvedic juices.

11.  Mental health consultant-

~ In the world of distractions and anxiety, this is a highly demanding job. People suffering from migraine, despression are definitely looking for effective cure without the use of steroids. 
~ Ayurveda has amazing treatments for manas roga. Research and go for it.

12.  Manufacturing Organic powders-

~ Upcoming brands like organic sparsh, bio organics are manufacturing various powders used in Ayurvedic preparation or beauty purposes.
~ amla powder, hibiscus powder, moringa powder, sandalwood powder are in huge demand.

13. Going for further studies or research -

~ If you are keen to bring out scientific evidences or have an innovative mind to bring out new facts and concepts, go for M.D, Phd or research work.

14.  Ayurvedic cosmetologist-

~ If you are interested in skin or integumentary system and has skills to treat dermatological disorders with Ayurveda and modern aspect together, go for it.
~ technologies such as dermapeeling dermaroller etc. are in great demand, along with this usage to tiktha rasa drugs will be great way.

15.  Corporate health speaker-

~ Good companies and MNCs are really concerned about the health of their employees so, regular seminars, and health workshops are conducted.
~ You can choose to speak about wellness and train corporate minds about good health and basic Ayurvedic principles or dincharya, ritucharya so as to increase health and work efficiency.


In a nutshell, ayurveda has brought many entrepreneurship concepts which made people earn decent figures.  Why not you? Think and Go for it.