How to make triphala powder.

Abounding benefits in one formulation! Isn't it amazing?

In Ayurveda Classics Triphala has always been mentioned as one of the most potent formulations.

In the clinical practices, Triphala is one of most widely used combination.

Then why not make it yourself? 

It is as easy as following the undertold steps! :)

1.  We need to buy 250gm fresh amla (emblica officinalis).
Wash it thoroughly, cut it into small pieces and let it dry for 9-10 hours. Make sure to separate the thick seeds. Grind it into the powder.
Yay! Your amla powder is ready.

2. If fresh amla is not available, then your nearest grocery store is the saviour.
From your nearest Grocery store , buy
 • 50gm Dried Amla (emblica officinalis)
 • 50gm Haritaki  (Terminalia Chebula)
 • 50gm  Bibhitaki  (Terminalia Bellerica)

3. Put the above ingredients (150 gm) in a clean bowl.
Chant  "Om Dhanvantre Namah:"

4. Put some water into the bowl so that you can easily wash the ingredients thoroughly. 
Make sure each piece is dirt and dust free. 

5. Spread the pieces on a clean cotton cloth or a clean piece of absorbant paper.

6. Cover the pieces with some sieve or very thin breathable cotton cloth.
Let it dry! 
Wait for 8-9 hours (under sunlight or natural air)

7. Now grind the properly dried matter to convert into powder.
Sieve it and you will get fine and coarse powder.

8. Store the fine powder for consumption/ oral intake. 
The coarse powder too has many uses. 
Enjoy the best version of yourself with using it. 

In the next article of Triphala series, 

I will tell about the ways you can use Triphala powder from day to night 😍
Believe me its very useful! 


  1. It is most useful.
    Greatful for each and every details .🙌🏻

  2. It’s most useful.
    Grateful for details 🙌🏻


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