"The lack of hygienic practices, misuse of steroids, long use oxygen cylinders without precautions are said to be the major causes of black fungus."

•What are the major symptoms?

• Nasal Congestion 

• Black crusts in nose

•  Mild to severe Facial pain

• Facial Deformity

• Swelling over cheeks and eyes

• Unwell mental state

•How to prevent Black fungus?

1. Maintain basic hygiene. 🚿 

From the very basics, be a neat clean and hygienic person. Bathing, Brushing, Mouth Rinsing etc. should be performed on a daily basis.

According to acharya charak (sutrasthan) it coines up good physical health and good mental health.

2.  Keeping mucous membranes clear  🫁 

Since, the fungus is attack eyes, brain and sinuses it becomes extremely important to clear such pathways. 

Medicated gargles, jalneti and other Ayurvedic techniques are further described for the same.

3. Get Sunlight and Fresh air. 🌞 

Since, fungus develops rapidly through moisture there is a need to get yourself exposed to positive aura. Early morning sun is a good option.

it is required to avoid sunlight during 10am to 4pm when ultraviolet radiation are highest. 

4. Avoid use of unnecessary medicines and steroids 💊 

Studies have said the misuse of steroids could lead to mucromycosis. To avoid other side effects one should avoid consuming alot of unnecessary medicines.

5. Avoid long time refrigerated foods 🥙

Using fresh fruits and vegetables are definitely the best choice of food to make. Apart from preventing the fungus it will also keep digestion and overall health at its best.

6. Use Clean Masks 😷 

Washed and good quality masks are needed to create hygienic covering for our nostrils and mouth.

7. Avoid gardening 🪴

Fungus is present in large amounts in damp soils , therefore it is advisable to stay away from dust and dumpy areas.

The indoor plants must be kept clean enough to be used for good.


•Ayurvedic Practices to keep away black fungus.

Ayurveda has always proved to be the rescue treatment.

Since the ancient times , dincharya (day regimen) is used for healthy and long life. It is one of the basic pillars of ayurveda. Some of its initial practices are specially meant for the cleansing of mucous passages. Have a look at few of these habits.

1. Jal neti

In this amazing practice of ayurveda, the clean water is used to clear the pathways from nostrils to throat, as discussed above it is the utmost need to have blockage free pathways.

2. Nasya 

Nasya is the beautiful process in which administration of herbal medicine is made through the nasal passage. According to Ayurveda, the sinus cavity is the gateway to our consciousness, prana vayu and the Nervous System. It works as the detoxification of sinus and ENT region.

3. Kaval

Kaval is the gargaling. It is mentioned in the dincharyas to keep buccal cavitiy along with initial throat region clean. here is what you can use for the same- 

saindhav( salt) + haridra (haldi) + fitkari (alum) can be used for gargles.

4. Dhumpan


Ayurvedic Dhumpan is focused to detoxify, rejuvenate and empower foundational elements, perception centers in addition to organs of perception, mind, entire physique, and vital parts. It works as a preventative for emotional and seasonal outbreaks and indicated in various diseases.Gugglu dhumpan is done to keep the aura infection free.

5. Use of  following formulations strictly under Ayurvedic physician.

It is must to consult your ayurvedic doctor before the consumption of any of the following. dose as directed by physician.

1. Arogyavardhani vati

2. Malsindura

3. Gandhak rasayana tablet.

4. Panchthikhtam 

Message to take home, Stay hygienic that will lead to disease free you, gives positivity, clearer mental health. Follow some effective ayurvedic practices and avoid unnecessary tablets.