7 drinks for flawless skin.

Beauty is our confidence , the one who has flawless skin shines differently.
The dream of a flawless skin is seen by every human.
Upon researching through the great classical ayurvedic texts we have found some amazing drinks which were used in the ancient times to achieve the dream of glowing skin.
Also, you can take it up as a 21 day challenge by selecting any two or three of the drinks in your lifestyle. Let's see them!

1. Golden Milk 

Since the ancient times, the combination of milk and kesar is consumed by people wanting glowing skin.
Saffron works amazing in making the complexion of skin light. It is both consumed and applied topically. Also,Saffron is widely used in herbal cosmetics for its lightening purposes.
You can add few(3-4) saffron strands to milk and drink it like that everyday to attain better skin complexion. Otherwise you can apply the same topically, leave it for 10 mins and wash off the water.

2.  Fenugreek seed infusion

Soak a few seeds of fenugreek ( methi) in the water overnight.
The next morning, strain the water and consume it.
This drink promises glowing and clear skin when consumed regularly.
Another good thing about this infused water is that it manages weight, and works excellent in hair growth.
Being a good blood purifier, it works amazingly in every skin condition and overall body detox.

3. Good skin herbal tea

To make this tea we need.
Cinnamon powder
Turmeric (organic turmeric power)
1 curry leaf
Add these ingredients into the boiling water (300 ml), let it infuse for atleast 15 minutes.
Consume this tea once everyday to achieve your dream skin.

4. Lukewarm water and lemon water

It is basic, common yet effective.
Sipping lukewarm water in place of cold water in itself detoxes and purifies blood, Making your skin glow.
Adding lemon to it, makes it a content of vitamin-C which is amazing skin vitamin.
It sounds basic , but one of the most important part of skincare is to check your water intake. Anywhere between 2 to 3 litres a day is a good choice.

5. Safi

Safi is made with 100% natural active medical herbs including sana, rose petals, tulsi etc. that eliminate toxins from blood.
 IT comes with a 21 day glowing skin challenge which is really effective and works wonders on your skin, the change is visible within 3 days of regular intake.
Consume 2 teaspoonful with 1 glass of fresh water early morning or before bed.

6.  Triphala water

In the conditions like acne, eczema , pimples etc. triphala infused water is an amazing remedy.
Soak 1 teaspoon tripahala powder in 1 glass water and consume it everyday on the empty stomach to attain acne free skin.
It balances all the three doshas of our body vata, pitta and kapha , aiding weight loss,detoxification and provides longevity and youthfulness.

7.  Beetroot tomato juice

Take the following ingredients and blend them with 500 ml of  water.
Beetroot has always proven to have amazing skin brightening benefits, while Coriander activates glutathione in your gut.
This juice is 100% effective, when consumed daily for atleast 7 days.
The result of this is visible in the first consumption itself.