Youthfulness and longevity- Ayurvedic approach.

Ayurvedic approach for Youthfulness and Longevity- Rasayana.

The eight branches of ayurveda are practiced effectively and extensively since ages; Rasayana or Jara chikitsa is one amongst eight.
It is chiefly concerned with preventing premature ageing by improving health status and also as a curative purpose. 
In the vedic literature, references such as turning old subjects to young, prolonging lifespan and increasing the strength of individuals etc. are seen.

Aim of Rasayana-

The therapy enhances the properties of rasa, fill it with nutrients. On achieving such enriched rasa, person attains longevity, memory, freedom from disorder,optimum development of physique and sense organs, mastery over phonetics, respectability and brilliance. 

Types of Rasayana-

1. Which can be consumed-
Kamya Rasayana are promoters of normal health. They boost body energy levels, immunity and general health. 
•Pranakamya promotes vitality and longevity 
•Medhakamya promotes intelligence 
•Srikamya promotes complexion

Naimittika Rasayana helps to fight a specific disease. 

2. On the basis of Therapy 
• Kuti Praveshika Rasayana are indoor therapies.
• Vatatapika Rasayana are outdoor therapies. 

3. On the basis of lifestyle and diet 
• Aushdha are drug based Rasayana 
• Ahara are dietary Rasayana 
• Achara are lifestyle Rasayana 

Benefits of Rasayana-

1. It nurtures the blood, lymph, muscles, tissues, semen. Thus, prevents chronic degenerative diseases like Arthritis. 
2. Elevates the metabolism process and quality of body tissues.
3. Ehances modulation of voice and luster of skin.
4. Works good for higher brain functions and problems like stress.
5. It nourishes shukra dhatu - semen.
6. Promotes sharpness of organs and improves immunity. 

Single Rasayana Drugs in Ayurveda-

Bacopa monnieri
Withania somnifera
Tinospora cordifolia
Emblica officinalis
Terminalia chebula

Compound Formulations 

1. Triphala Rasayana 
2. Brahma Rasayana 
3. Amalaki Rasayana 
4. Chyavanprasha

Ayurvedic practice to maintain youthfulness 

Abhyanga- oil massage 
Massaging with the natural fragranced oil which are free from any bubbles or bad odor is suggested.
Ghee is another recommended dravya used for longevity.

Yoga poses for younger you!

- Surya namaskar (sun salutations)
- Bhujangasana (cobra pose)
-Balasna (child pose)
-Dhanurasan (bow pose)

Follow the amazing ayurvedic formulation and practices to keep ageing at bay.