The Herbal Medicated Mask- New innovation by indian ayurvedic students.

    Hope is where research is!
Youth is the hope of the country, Admist the pandemic two indian students have had a dedicated research and found about a new ayurvedic mask you can use to cover your mouth, and prevent any unwanted virus to enter into the body, along with the process of self healing. 

Akshay Patel, B.A.M.S student, Gujarat (India)

Recently, Akshay with his friend found out a preventive measure to combat with Covid-19. They said, their strong belief in ayurveda and the dedication to minimise the cases in the country have led to the creation.

Basically, a medicated layer of kas-har herbs is placed between the layers of a normal mask. It is easy to make a the comfort of home yet effective 
The mask is a covid-19 preparation, which can be used in other normal flu and cough.
It acts as an antiviral, antibacterial and bronchodilator.

Corona Virus strand which is been identified in December 2019 that is COVID-19 which is exhaled through breath and cough in children and adults with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). So to prevent the spread of disease we have prepared Ayurvedic/Herbal medicated face masks significantly reduce the flow of Influenza Virus RNA in Respiratory Droplets and Corona Virus RNA in Aerosols.
Hence preventive measures adopted through AYURVEDA can be welcoming steps to reduce the progression of disease.
In today’s era the spread of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is reached its peak. It has affected over lakhs of people worldwide  and the number is increasing day by day.

Ayurvedic ingredients used:
Cedar leaf oil
Nutmeg oil
Turpentine oil
Nilgiri oil
Clove oil

The process and plan: 
All the raw material (normal cotton mask, ayurvedic ingredients given above, cotton swab) are identified and collected.
Standardization and authentication of the raw drug will be done.
Oil is prepared from the extract of the drugs.
The oil is then poured on cotton swab and it is dried.
After drying the cotton swab is placed in between the two layer of face mask.

Justification and Novelty (What’s New): 
The face masks are already been used for the prevention of spread of communicable disease but they have come up with the use of medicated face masks which prevents the spread of communicable disease mainly through droplet nuclei and sneezing.

In the diseases like covid-19, the spread is mainly through this process of inhaling droplets, which means the only way to protect yourself and breaking the chain is covering your mouth so as to avoid the consumption of such viruses; here is a beautiful way.
On the other side of it, we see that Ayurveda always has some treatments to offer, be it any situation.
Surely, there is something amazing about ancient medicine system we need to understand!


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