6 factors for healthy living

6 factors to win health!

IN UNANI(one of the pathies under AYUSH), it is mentioned that these six essential factors which are basically lifestyle changes, can even cure  the hardest of diseases like sartan (cancer).
In order to have a healthier and happier life,let’s consider these.

 1. Breathe in fresh air.

the quality of air or the percentage of fresh oxygen your  body cells receive can  make a huge difference  in your  life . the oxygenated blood  gurantees better cell function which leads to better tissue  function  and simultaneously  better organ function.

2. Consider age, sex, built, temperment, season and lifestyle while selecting diet.
 Avoid tobacco chewing, smoking, junk foods, preserved foods, alcohol, excessive non vegetarian and indigestible diet. Try to consume high fibre diet and Delay drinking water for half an hour after meal.
because you are what you eat.

3. Perform regular exercise.
 Take proper and apt rest.

balance! balance between work and rest must be appropriate ; while over exertion  can drain your  body, mind and soul on the other hand, over resting is the mother to many disease like obesity ,diabetes and other heart disease. and undoubtedly  it is extremely  essential to move up  and work with your body but not too much.

4. Avoid mental stress and anxiety.

 Lead a spiritual and peaceful life.
Try to relax before sleep by following a routine like reading books, listening music, taking bath.
Follow regular meditation. practice self love.

5. Take sufficient sleep according to age, and season

 Take sound sleep for 6-8 hours. for the mind and  body both, sleep in an essential factor. many studies  concludes the same result of mind working  in much more concentrated  state when the adequate sleep is achieved .

6. Avoid constipation and ensure proper evacuation of waste matters from body.

Physical health and mental health go parallel . your body is more energetic , refreshed , nourished  when it is clean and is free from waste or  unabsorbed materials; also your mind is clear, you make better decisions .