Liver Cleansing and Gall stone therapy.


HEY! Welcome back. In today's time the consumption of unhealthy food and lifestyle has given birth to millions of unwanted diseases. Gall stones are among them, let's have a look on all its aspects  how to reduce them completely.

Gall stone Therapy-

Gall stone Therapy is done mainly for removing gall stones, which are formed because of improper emptying of gall bladder.
 Gall bladder is a small pear shaped sac located on the right lobe of liver. Main function of gall bladder is to store and concentrate bile, which is a liquid that the body uses to digest fat and  neutralize the acid to facilitate proper digestion.
Cholesterol is stored in liquid form inside gall bladder along with bile salts and pigments and becomes precipitated from liquid form to solid due to inadequate water intake and also intake of more fatty food.


- High fat diet- low fiber diet
- Inadequate exercise
- Excessive stress
- less water drinking 
- irregular and unhealthy food habits
- consuming alcohol and other carbonated drinks.


Usually the patients will be asymptomatic until the stone grow large enough to block the bile duct which takes five to six years to happen.
● In case of bile duct obstruction, the patient has severe pain of right side of abdomen.
●Clay coloured stools
●Nausea and vomiting with fever may also be present.

Who are at risk?

1. Females, specifically pregnant ones.
2. People suffering from sickle cell anemia.
3. Ladies who are taking contraceptive pills.
4. Elderly people with family history.
5. People with obesity and sedentary lifestyle.

Treatment and prevention-

Prevention is always better than cure. Follow the instructions given below to avoid formation of gall stones. 
Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily.
Eat less fat and high fiber diet.
Take 40 minutes of daily exercise.
Maintain ideal weight.
Remain calm and adopt  meditation.


2. Paschimottanasan
3. Janushirsan
4. Sarvangasan
5. Shalabhasan
6. Vakrasan
7. Vajrasan
8. Suptavajrasan
Suryabhedi, ujjai, plavini, kapalbharti.

Treatment by naturopathy-

• Undertake fasting for 5 days as per doctor's guidance with apple. On 6th day, take it till 2pm
• At 6pm, take one glass of lukewarm epsom salt water.
• At 8pm, take one more glass of warm epsom salt water.
• Within 5 minutes,  one cup concentrated lemon juice mixed with one cup olive oil to be taken in standing position. 
• The patient is made to lie on right side with head elevated on a pillow to ease out stones.
• Next morning,  after bowels are cleaned, drink 250ml sweet lemon juice and after 2 hrs take khichdi and curd.
• Maintain above timings correctly.
• You may start passing your bowels in the next morning.
• Take coconut water only 3 days.
In multiple gall bladder stones, the above treatment may have to be repeated after 30 days once again.

Source- Dr. G Prakash, Dy. Chief medical officer, JNI