Daily Routine - Dincharya

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine”.  

To manifest a long life, a healthy one, daily regimen is really important. According to ayurveda, in the texts of Ashtang Hrudyam the ideal daily regimen is as given.

The Daily Regimen

1. Get up an hour before sunrise- the brahmamuhrat jagran!

The serene atmosphere with added component of ozone releases beneficial neuro chemicals which make a person cheerful and enthusiastic all day. Our internal body clock is reset daily by sunlight.
At the time there is a showering of intelligence and compassion.
 Drink water on empty stomach.-
Body is detoxified , metabolic waste is flushed out. The digestive system is regularised. Early greying of hairs and the presence of wrinkles are delayed.
mode of getting out of bed -
Remember your almighty, your God before stepping out of bed and starting the joyful day ahead.

2. Morning Abulations. - malotsarga

Toilet habits should be regular. Abulations should not be forceful. Hands and feet should be washed after each visit to toilet. Good hygiene helps in avoiding infections.

3. Oral Hygiene maintenance - aachman

Brush teeth with twigs of Azadirachta indica or Acacia arabica. Wash mouth we water, clean the tongue. This practice  prevents dental caries, mouth ulcers and other mouth related problems.
The datun (stem) used for cleaning must be equal to 12 fingers in length and equal to little finger in thickness.

4.  Washing eyes and face

Fill your mouth with some water, and splash normal tap water on the eyes gently.
Wash face with lukewarm water. Washing helps in removing dirt and oil deposits from face and eyes thereby preventing pimples and eye infections respectively.

5. Collyrium- anjan

Apply collyrium to both the eyes. Removes dirt and impurities of the eye and cleans the eye thus increasing the clarity of vision. Kohl lined eyes also look graceful and beautiful, with the lesser chance of infections.

6. Snuffing- nasya

Nasal passage becomes clear, helps in prevention of kaphajanya disease ( head, eyes, nose and throat). Hair becomes strong, dense, long and black.

7. Massage- abhyanga

Skin becomes supple and lustrous. Blood circulation is enhanced. Pores of skin are cleaned and metabolic wastes are washed away. Massage should be done in upward direction only.

8. Exercise - vyayam

Regular exercise increases the stamina and increases immune system. It also relieves stress and help in weight management.

9. Cutting of nails and hairs - at regular intervals.

Besides improving the hygiene, haircut and nail cutting improve the personal appearance and appeal by good grooming.

10. Scrubbing- udvartan

Scrub the whole body with aromatic natural herbs.
Helps removing grime, oil and dirt thus gives suppleness and lustre to skin. Body odour is also reduced and pleasant smell emanates from body.

11. Bath- snana

In ayurveda, bathing is of great importance. Take bath with warm water suffused with aromatic herbs.
Bathing removes all laziness and discomforts, providing freshness and enthusiasm.
Bathing helps in providing sound sleep and eradicates fatigue, sweat and itching.

12. Anointing-

Anoint the body with scented pastes after bath.
Helps in removing body odour and provides pleasant smell emanating from body. The skin becomes lustrous.

Following dincharya (day regimen), ratri charya (night regimen) and ritucharya (seasonal regimen) is the key to balance tridosha ( vat pitta kapha).