What to do in lockdown?

In a pandemic, self isolation is called Quarantine, In buddhism, it is called Retreat.
From the cave of our homes,like the meditators of ancient times, we can consciously kindle the lamp of compassion.

When we talk about health, mind and soul plays equally important role as organs and glands.; a good health requires control and coordination of mind and soul filled with calmness, peace and joy.

During these isolation days, where we are practicing social distance and staying away from people, this would be the best time to connect with yourself.
Let’s inculcate these goodness rich habits now!
Show up the courage to take these challenges and turn your life into magically better.
All these challenges have been tried and tested, those patients who are doing considerably good now.

1. 10 days Forgiveness challenge 

All of us knowingly or unknowingly might have hurted people and all of us knowingly or unknowingly have got hurted at some or the other point in our life.
This could cause us to feel guilty, resulting in improper release of hormones from our secreting glands (both exocrine and endocrine glands).
Here is a forgiveness you can practice to let go of it.

I forgive my soul for all my mistakes

I forgive my past
I let go of my sorrow, inner pain,
Anger, frustration and irritation.
I forgive myself.

I also forgive everyone in my life
I forgive everything in my life

I will give time to myself
I will be kind to myself
I will give myself many many chances

I forgive my family
I worked out karma
I let go of inner pain
I let go of all these

2.10 days Detox challenge

Gradually, we have got a break from busy hectic life. Let’s pause it and give an internal cleanse to our body. Here are two most effective detox drinks.

 A- beet shot!
This one has amazing reactions on skin, hair , weight loss and overall health. Also called as the beauty drink.
Procedure- Take 1 beetroot, 1 carrot ,1 tomato and half a lemon.
Blend beet, carrot and tomato with 3 cups of water, strain the pulp, garnish the miraculous drink with pinch of pink himalyan salt and black pepper.

B- Green treat!
With good of vitamins minerals and fibres, this juice has amazing cleansing properties.
Procedure- Take 50gm ginger, 1 cucumber, 1 amla and few mint leaves.
Blend these ingredients, strain the pulp and garnish with pink Himalayan salt.

3. 10 days Positivity Challenge

The ongoing times maybe a little tough but the best we can do is being positive.
Being positive has immense benefits, it can change your life ,health and career.
Repeat this affirmation

Today I release,
Toxic thoughts and emotions
Unhealthy environment
Unfruitful relationship
Thoughts of revenge and
Thoughts of envy and strife 
Negative words i spoke about others
Negative words i have spoken about myself
Today i let it go, right now and i live a life
Filled with love, peace and freedom!

I am beautiful inside and out.
I attract beauty in all its forms into my life.

4. 10 days No white food challenge

The 5 whites are silent killer!
1. Salt
4. Sugar
5. Processed flour

The wise is to use the minimum poison.
We give a trouble to our health as the chances of diabetes, hypertension, tumours, obesity, liver diseases and lot more increases.
It is a quite perfect time you can have home cooked meal and eliminate the poison from your diet gradually.
It becomes a habit, and indirectly gives you a long life.

5. 10 days brooming and weeping challenge (natural squat)

Believe me, it is as good as funny it sounds!

It has got dual benefits- first the cleaned environment ,second healthy colon and abdomen.
Disease like appendicitis, diverticulosis, prostate disorders, colitis, colon cancer, constipation or digestive issues don’t even come near to you.
It provides great ankle mobility, full body integration, posture and it also detoxes your canal!
There are quite alot of reasons to start resting squat and cleaning now.