10 Amazing Medicinal Herbs and their usage.

Medicinal plants can make our life more lively, if we use it wisely. 

Here are 10 amazing herbs that you can use in you daily life to make it more joyous and healthy.

1. Adrak - zingiber officianale

It is useful in Arthritis, swelling, anemia, cough,fever, anaemia.
It improves blood circulation.
Stimulates metabolism and useful in indigestion.

2. Ashwagandha-  Withania somnifera

This is wonderful in improving mental strength. Roots are used as general debility tonic, as immune booster, in painful swellings.
In neuromuscular disorders, painful Arthritis and sleeplessness. 

3. Ajwayan pattaPlectranthus amboinicus
Relieves colic pain and improves digestive system. Used in menstrual pains, labour pains and delayed labour. It has been proved effective in Rheumatoid arthritis.

4. BhumiamlaPhyllanthus emarus
One of the most effective plants widely used in ayurvedic treatment.
The plant is useful in treatment of jaundice and act as liver tonic.

5. Adusa   Justica Adhatoda
The herb is used in Bronchitis, asthma, fever, coughs, cold, bleeding conditions and liver disorders.

6. Lemon Grass - Cymbopogon citratus
Herbal tea is used for cough and cold. Help to improve digestion, hence used to control obesity. Boost nervous and immune system. Highly used in skin diseases.

7. Mandookparni- Centella asiatica
This herb is used as a brain tonic. Used in neuromuscular disorders,  memory,  mental disorders as well as all skin and urinary disorders.

8. PunarnavaBoerhavia diffusa
Punarnava is wonderful in treatment of Oedemas. It is an amazing blood purifier, useful in renal disorders, heart diseases, early cirrhosis of liver.
Leaf vegetable useful in eye disorders and night blindness.

9. Mehandi - Lowsonia inermis
Reduces excessive burning, gives cooling effect. Leaves are useful in hair loss and strengthen hair. It is good when used in fungal infection.

10. GudhalHibiscus rosa- sinesis
Promotes hair growth. 
The flower in itself is used in skin diseases, menstrual disorders and excessive menstrual bleeding.


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