Corona Virus and Naturopathy.

The incidence of viral infections( Corona Virus) is rising on an alarming rate across the world. Almost entire world has been trapped;it has made people locked down within their homes.
For the current germ(Corona Virus),symptoms vary greatly from mild respiratory illness, fever, and cough, to more severe symptoms like difficulty breathing and death.According to CDC, symptoms can develop 2-14 days after exposure.

Dr. Shalini, PHD naturopathy, Is one of the best indian naturopathist. She researched and found 2019-nCoV to be a lung infection basically in which too much mucous is secreted, it is more common in people with high glucose levels.She gives a list of Supplement which could be used in this case.


1. Quercetin with bromelain.
2. Valerin
3. Bach flower
4. Probiotic 
5. Vitamin-C (bioflavonoids)

After her research, she also invented a tea using all natural ingredients. The tea can be really effective in coping up with the same, it can also be used as a preventive measure. 
Here is the recipe,


1. Amla -  As it contains Vitamin-C bioflavonoid, antioxidant.
2.Raw Turmeric- Antibacterial and immune builder
3. Ginger- Effective in removing infections.
4. Garlic root- disinfect it in salt water before use, great in removing infections.
5. Yellow marigold - disinfect it before use, it is high in bioflavonoids.
6. Pineapple peel- boosts immunity and has disease fighting antioxidants.
7. Kari patta- highly antioxidant.
8. Tulsi-  combats with minor virus and anti-inflammatory.
9. Mango leaf- cures respiratory problems.


Blend all of these ingredients, 
boil 300ml of water and add 2tb spoon of this paste. 
Boil till bubbles arise.
Tea is ready

Don’t make more than 300 ml at once, as the active ingredients are dead if kept for long.

Dr Also recommends eating the following vegetables-

Yellow and red Bell pepper
Stem of broccoli 
Orange carrot 
Yellow tomatoes 

Follow all the basic precautions and stay safe stay healthy!